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    Welcome to Wogerz… the World Of GivERZ. A disruptive idea, the evolution in how we confront, assist and manage issues that face us, our societies & the environment... 

    Fig 1. Our Vision statement is best summed up using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the evolution of societies.

    If YOU are one of the:

    600million individuals globally that give; volunteer, fundraise, donate, advocate, network etc
    16million charities, non-profits, INGOs, NGOs etc
    Millions of companies that are giving back to their communities welfare through CSR & 3BL,

           … then Wogerz is for YOU. Be the changemaker & help us crowdfund it to life...

    Fig 2. Why? How? What?

    -What if ONE site could house the entire humanitarian & advocacy infrastucture under one roof?
    -What if ONE site could merge the info, social, networking & giving tools that currently exist on thousands of websites and fuse them onto one platform?
    -What if from ONE place we could help anyone anywhere with our personal contacts, time, skill-sets, ideas or money?

    Fig 3. By dissecting how planst to operate, YOU can see the difference between what's out there ... and what's coming!

     1st layer:  The IDENTITY (Individuals & organizations); at the core lies the index of profiles for the 600million individuals, 16million non profits & millions of corporations worldwide. Profiles are filled in by the ‘Identity’ (owner). A dashboard style page offers a general overview of each individual and organization; what they do, how they do it and how you can help.

    By making each ACCESSIBLE to the other, NETWORKING can take place more fluidly rather than the current system of searching for information on individuals and organizations on hundreds of different sites. 10 components used.

    2nd layer: The CONVERSATION; Building a rapport requires trust. Action requires belief and loyalty. Trust is created when information is transparent, credible and can be accounted for.  Unlike other sites, information is added by both; the identity owner AND 3rd parties... Identities who may know, have used or have a connection/relationship with the other identity. Regulating bodies will have critical input on the organizations. Items such as the official rank, data and crowd-sourced inputs (star rating, vouches, comments, likes, dislikes, endorsements, brief financials etc) are the key features here. 20 ranking, relationship building & connector components used.

     3rd layer: ACTION & IMPACT; The giving ecosystem; the tools used to give, fundraise, start a cause, donate, do good, collaborate & coordinate. The users that choose to work together or support  each other will have all the options to help one click away. 30 components used.

    4th layer: The TRANSACTION; Payment and transaction systems enables using integrated easy online payment systems. Whether it’s a cash, time or skill that is being offered

    5th layer: REWARD; All users partake in a loyalty program that gives them higher ranks (more trust and clout), discounts from participating corporations and ‘groupon’ style offerings. 20 components)

    6th layer: MANAGEMENT BACKEND; Everything from SEO, statistics on site visitors, to organizing volunteers (from ushers to doctors), including a free accounting and management software for non-profits.





    Approx 600million worldwide actively give in one form or another; time, money, resources, skill-set, network etc.
    ¾ of American families donate an average of $1800 per year.
    Private giving in the USA is $300bn

    Non-Profits (NPs) & Voluntary organizations:

    European Union: 2-12% of all jobs are in this sector (depends on the country)
    NPs represent  13% of GDP in Canada,
    USA NPs raised $1.4 trillion in the USA alone (2008).
    3.3million NPs in India, 500k in the UK, 1.5million in the USA.
    Average employment growth rate of 2.5% in NPs Vs 1.8% in the business sector & 1.6% in the gov sector

    For Profits (corporations etc) & Social Enterprise:

    US corporations contributed almost $8billion in IDA (International Dev Ass)


    There are approx 100million (35million Europeans and 63million Americans) who volunteered last year and the trend is growing rapidly. Another 100million is estimated from the rest of the world.
    There are 6 million fulltime volunteers in the USA.
    Global value of volunteer Hours: $400billion. 


    2011 named the year of Volunteering by Europe.
    2013 the year that all businesses tie up with a local NP or Charity in any category.
    Micro-finance demand is estimated at $300bn of which only $30bn has been met (Social Enterprise Associates).
    Social capital market is approx 20 times the size of the $300Bn philanthropic market. 

    In short, we believe that we have it all fused together… but do email us your thoughts… there is always something extra, something missing.. something overlooked.