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    The 1st question 

    The way things are currently being done – the way things could be done?


    When a proposed project is so immense that the architect himself is unable to properly define it; that is usually a good sign that it has to go piecemeal. To organize this revolutionary idea into a coherent process, I chose to begin with the obvious; Take the parts of existing websites and combine them to leverage a tool that is more powerful & comprehensive then anything to date.

    In so doing, I can create a One-Stop-Shop for anybody who is looking to contribute to the Humanitarian & Environmental work, Social Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility, Triprle Bottom Line), propelling it towards its tipping point…

    Incredibly many of the ideas that will form this idea already exist as stand-alone tools; singular items of the whole that have actually functioned as a sole-purpose website e.g. Volunteer website, or a peer-to peer fundraising platform. The current framework does not accommodate or expulse the full potential of the web to interconnect people to do good.


    There is hope for such an instrument as we have witnessed time and time again, well established entities fail to evolve or offer a USP of substance that motivates, collates, and mobilizes a groups and communities to pursue their objectives. Facebook is a prime example as it was created in the midst of several other well-established sites such as Hi5 Myspace and many others. It now has become the norm for most people with regular access to the Internet to have an online profile.

    The Huffington Post is another example of how people wish to contribute their thoughts to free speech and offer their own view, an independent view with a global or national perspective. This came about in the midst of media titans that dominate the dissemination of information to the public. This proves that social networking has shifted the balance of power from an elite few to the ordinary masses.

    Finally, we are witnessing the end of the ‘Top Down’ approach in exchange for the ‘Bottom Up’ format. A good example here is Whereas hotels used to tell us what they think about themselves and sell us a promise. Now this power now resides mostly in the hands of the consumer, the one who experiences the promises made by the hotel… and then ranks its accordingly. This has lead to hotels having to meet their promises and improve their service, or loose out to the crowd sourced power that the internet has brought us, the people; the user and not the seller.

    In essence, this gives impetus to my idea and gives me motivation that it is possible still to come up with a new tool that can take the web by digital storm; creating a humanitarian tool that is all encompassing. It is doable, has been done before, and will be done again.

    We are in essence part of that evolution, that engine of change, in this case, bringing forth what could be the most comprehensive weapon ever created to bring about social justice, fight poverty and environmental degradation; enabling people to engage from home or from the field itself, offering IMPACT & ACTION tools, crowd-sourced advice and opinions whilst enabling them to mobilize resources and connect with like minded individuals.

    The collective intelligence of the humanitarian, social, environmental welfare, advocacy groups and scientific community will fuse together, regardless of:

    1. Creed or color,
    2. Rich or poor,
    3. Non-profit or for-profit,
    4. Giver or receiver

    People who want to make a difference whether they are the givers or receivers, individuals or organizations, do not have at their disposal a single online platform that has integrated the plethora of functionalities into one seamless fluid user journey. No one has created one coherent platform to merge this infrastructure… it’s a mess… a giant jigsaw puzzle.  


    Wogerz intro

    We must ask questions that we didn’t think of or did not dare pose in order to untangle this complex web that spans the world of giving.

    I began to ask these questions several years ago as I began a personal journey; my 3-year humanitarian odyssey spanning 44 countries and 54 projects… just me, the road the incredible souls and modern day heroes that I would meet in these underprivileged communities and countries.

    I looked for the answers in every country that I traveled to and every project that I financed, supported or initiated… on my quest for this Holy Grail; how to make this world a better place for all of us.

    Grand ideas take from when influenced by existing realities. As I began my journey and humanitarian work, many of my friends took an interest in what I was doing and I found a sudden and loyal following on my FB page; they were commenting on my every move, pictures of the wilderness, the poverty that I was attempting to alleviate and lives that I was trying to save, sustain and change. They spurred me on, and in turn gave birth to the idea that lead to the construction of

    I bring this knowledge forward in this groundbreaking online platform. It is as disruptive as it is pure in intent. It seeks only to harmonize the state of disunion that exists in the world of giving, to bridge the gap between those who give and those who receive… how we do it, how we approach the problems and hence improve the outcome.

    I offer it to you to make the world a better place… as good as you choose to make it… through a fluid user journey in this massive world of giving.