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    It started 4 years ago almost…


    ''I was uncomfortable in my comfort; unable to enjoy my luxury. Others are denied their dignity, food, water & shelter. Having made my fortune, I chose to 'trade lives'... I hung up suit and tie, donned my travel gear and backpack and set out on a humanitarian journey that would take me around the world on one mission: that of adding life to life.''

    In brief:

    ➢ A 3 year 5 continents humanitarian odyssey 2008-2011
    ➢ The Scope: humanitarian, social and environmental issues.
    ➢ Visited 44 countries & approx 350 cities/towns/villages.
    ➢ Financed & supported 54 projects.
    ➢ Initiated 3 of those projects.
    ➢ Photography & documentary available @


    As I journeyed through refugee camps, disaster zones & 'smaller' societal plagues, it struck me that It did not matter which country or what the initiative was, these private & public initiatives almost always faced the same set of issues & no matter how. The fact that I had experienced such a vast plethora of different initiatives (54), they gave me the impetus to ask the next questions:

    'There is a lot of good out there. But, how do we go from good to great?'
    'How do we multiply our ability to make a difference?'

    The answer of course lay in the internet and empowering the billions of users worldwide to do their part, providing a fluid and enjoyable experience, making it easy… and ultimately... irresistibly addictive.

    I began with the problem statement; resolving the massive disconnect in the online vs 'offline' world of giving. In other words, I saught out to resolve the issues by analyzing what the the 1000s of different of sites offered on the internet Vs the millions of 'real life' charities and what was actually happening on the ground... the actual reality of things, find the weakness in the chain, and weave together an alternative. would be the answer! 4 years of work connecting everything I encountered on the ground with everything the internet had to offer... cross blending it with my business acumen since this is for the most part an industry plagued by its reliance on 'gifts'... and my brief time on Earth as taught me that this would be unfeasible in the long term.

    It is said that is inherent to all Mankind to want… nay... to need to do good.

    I plan to test that theory very soon. With a great team and board of advisory spanning 4 continents, we are confronting the final set of issues before going 'live'. Join our beta invitation for and be one of the 1st to experience the true power of change!